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Increase Targeted Traffic Need HITS and FAST? Cheap website traffic

Well we're here for ya, we're KWICKHITS.com and just like the name says, we provide FAST SERVICE for QUALITY HITS.

YOU provide the quality content WE provide the quality hits - GUARANTEED!

Guaranteed TrafficYou need Reliability... NO PROBLEM
Cheap hitsYou need Dependability... NO PROBLEM
Web TrafficYou need fantastic customer service... NO PROBLEM
Country target hitsYou need to make sure it's all spam free... NO PROBLEM
Language target trafficYou need all your hits within a certain period of time... NO PROBLEM
Fast deliveryYou need to know that your hits are delivered to your site... NO PROBLEM

If YOU need HITS, then YOU need KWICKHITS.com - a customer oriented business! Our customers come FIRST! GUARANTEED!

We can't make the sale for you, your website has to do that, but we CAN deliver HITS and TONS of them! If you want 1000 hits or 1,000,000 hits, we can and will deliver!

Kwickhits is your choice for fast, affordable web traffic. With being in business for over 8 years, you KNOW you can depend on us.

It is a fact that your site, needs visitors to make money on the Internet. Given that, let's suppose that you sell a product for $25 and, as is usual, 1% of visitors to your site actually purchase your product/service.

The average site gets approximately 250 hits per day, works out to about 7500 hits monthly. Even without our service 75 people will probably buy your product and/or service each month (1% of 7,500). This means you are selling $1875 per month (75 sales at $25 per sale = $1875).

It takes time and money to increase your traffic through conventional means, Search Engines ect. You would have to pay hundreds, even thousands, to have your website indexed at the Top of the Search Engines. However with our service you purchase the number of visitors you want, these are REAL PEOPLE, REAL VISITORS to YOUR site.

Let's just suppose, for a moment, that you purchased 100,000 GUARANTEED visitors to your website. 1% of visitors will purchase the product/service or enquire further about your offer, a total of 1,000 purchases/enquiries will be made. That's total sales of $25,000! And that's if only 1% of visitors made a purchase.

  # OF HITS  
    YOUR COST    
10 000 Assume 1% response $2,500 $23.99
25 000 Assume 1% response $6,250 $52.99
50 000 Assume 1% response $12,500 $96.99
100 000 Assume 1% response $25,000 $158.99

There are many reasons that make BUYING Hits to your site very appealing,
here are a few...

Guaranteed Hits - Kwickhits.Com! Instant People visiting YOUR website - viewing YOUR product/service!

Guaranteed Hits - Kwickhits.Com! Raises your rankings in the search engines, they index by the amount
     of traffic as well as keywords, sites linked to, etc

Guaranteed Hits - Kwickhits.Com! MORE Traffic to YOUR Site equals MORE money in YOUR pocket.

Guaranteed Hits - Kwickhits.Com! You don't have to invest THOUSANDS of DOLLARS - Our Prices
     are the LOWEST

Guaranteed Hits - Kwickhits.Com! ONLINE Traffic Stats, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, YOU can see
     that your traffic is being delivered!

Guaranteed Hits - Kwickhits.Com! Run UNLIMITED Campaigns at the same time

Guaranteed Hits - Kwickhits.Com! Order UNLIMITED amounts of CHEAP TRAFFIC!

Guaranteed Hits - Kwickhits.Com! You have NO worries about how to generate traffic to your site,
     we do it all!

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